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Mar 09 2010

Photos With Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, And Tommy Dreamer

Some photos from the event at Charlie Haas’ Custom Muscle store anniversary in Frisco, TX this past weekend have been added to the Shawn Stasiak Photos section.  They include fan photos with Charlie, Shelton Benjamin, and Tommy Dreamer.

Feb 16 2010

Shawn Stasiak In Ardmore Oklahoma Feb 20, 2010

Come see me at UCW’s Payback event in Ardmore, Oklahoma this coming Saturday night (Feb 20, 2010).  Here is an image for the event:

The event will be at the Heritage Hall in Ardmore, OK.

I look forward to seeing you and signing autographs at the event.

Feb 16 2010

Shawn Stasiak In Denton Texas Feb 19, 2010

Come see me at the UCW Superclash event in Denton, Texas this coming Friday night (February 19, 2010).  Here is an image of the upcoming event:

UCW Superclash, Feb 19 2010 at the Denton (TX) Civic Center

I hope to see you there and sign autographs for you.

Dec 12 2009

Shawn Stasiak Working With Former UFC Heavyweight And Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar

“Brock was a pleasure to work with and was probably the strongest human being with whom I ever locked horns with.  This match took place on a Pay Per View in London England in 2002.  I really enjoyed visiting England.”

** Note Brock is now the current WWE world heavyweight champion

Dec 03 2009

More Shawn Stasiak Photos

I added some more photos on my photos page.  Take a look at:

Shawn Stasiak Photos and Images

Dec 01 2009

Shawn Stasiak With Stacy Keibler

This was  a scene I did with Stacy Keibler where we accidentally “pranked” Debra, who was Stone Cold Steve Austin’s wife at the time:

Shawn Stasiak And Stacy Kiebler Prank Debra wwe
Found at

My comments:

“This was a fun night as I got to work with the beautiful and talented Stacey Kiebler.  My favorite Dancing with the Stars contestant.  I am very proud of her for what she did and what she is now doing in her life.  Besides, it was nice to play any prank on Stone Cold Steve Austin and or anything affiliated with him.  At this particular time, it was his wife Debra.  Fun stuff.

And no that wasn’t really sour spoiled milk, it was a prop.  But you didn’t hear me say that!!!”

If you want Stone Cold Steve Austin merchandise, or any other WWE merchandise, then be sure to click the image below:

Stone Cold Steve Austin 6 Pack Package

Nov 30 2009

Shawn Stasiak Match Commentary – Match Against The Rock After 9/11

A video of my match against The Rock, for the WCW title, is now on my “Videos” page (  This match was part of the card which was the first live sporting event to take place after 9/11.  It was in Houston, TX.

My comments on the match and that night are on the video page.  If you want to get merchandise of The Rock, or any WWE merchandise, then be sure to click the image below:

The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment DVD

Nov 08 2009

Shawn Stasiak Determined DVD

If you want a copy of the “Shawn Stasiak:  Determined” DVD then be sure to contact me at  Here is an image of the DVD’s front and back covers:

Shawn Stasiak Determined DVD Front And Back Covers

Shawn Stasiak Determined DVD Front And Back Covers

The documentary has footage of my matches, fitness training, becoming a chiropractor, and additional commentary from Rob Van Dam.

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