Sep 13 2009

Become A Pro Wrestler

When recognized from my WWE/WCW days, I often get asked by someone how to become a professional wrestler.  While the obvious answer is to get trained by a legitimate trainer(s) at a well-run professional wrestling school, there are many other aspects to becoming a wrestler which you need to know before going to a wrestling school.

Certain things which you should take into account are:

  • time commitment
  • support from family and friends
  • personal finances
  • his or her physical shape
  • are they willing to be on the road for a long time without making much money
  • how do they handle politics
  • can they speak well in front of a camera and a live crowd
  • many more topics

If you are interested in discovering what you need to know before becoming a professional wrestler then get the real truth from veteran pro wrestlers like Rob Van Dam, Diamond Dallas Page, Big Vito, Cowboy Johnny Mantel, Charlie Haas, and more at this link:

How To Become A Pro Wrestler

7 Responses to “Become A Pro Wrestler”

  1. Sumo wrestling is my all time favorite. i always watch it a lot in Japanese channels.`'”

  2. Evan Precht says:

    This post makes a lot of sense !

  3. i like to watch wrestling on TV and i have always been a fan of WWE*:,

  4. Jaden Flores says:

    real wrestling only exists on the olympics, the wrestling on WWE is quite scripted,:.

  5. wrestling is the best sport on earth. i love also UFC’`:

  6. Jeff says:

    Just stopped to say hi.. You stayed at my house a lifetime ago when we was in the 8th grade,lol..someone was talkin bout your dad on Twitter n it reminded me of ya..glad your well-

  7. steph says:

    i want to know how to professional wrestle but actually wrestle, not fact like wwe, no offense to the fans, i just want to continue wrestling guys and girls alike, as i did in high school

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