Sep 13 2009


This section will link to videos from my favorite matches of all time.  When possible, I will include my comments on these matches.  Unless a particular video is one which I had recorded and uploaded (and to which I have secured all rights), all videos are property of the respective trademark and copyright holders.  I, nor anyone associated with this site, will (or has) copied any video to which I have not secured permission.

Favorite Videos

(More Shawn Stasiak Videos Can Be Found Here)

Shawn Stasiak Highlights


the great one promo & match with stasiak by mohanedkingofkings

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My comments:

“Though this experience was ridiculous and goofy as heck, it was entertaining and I got play the Wild E. Coyote of the WWE for that time period.  Fans enjoyed it and were definitely entertained.

What makes this particular night so special is that it was the very first live televised sporting broadcast after the 9/11 events.  Just two days later.  So it was a real emotional night.  The energy in the arena was just amazing as everyone stuck together as one big family watching their favorite entertaining program live in the arena and on the titan tron.  There were 20K screaming fans chanting USA throughout the night.  It made me feel proud to live in this country.

Though it was a sad time, it was a very powerful night and I feel blessed that I not only got to work with the Rock but to be the Wild E. Coyote of the WWE at the time that entertained and put smiles on the faces of millions of people that night.”


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